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No one will deny that life is more and more precious. Today's people demand not only healthy body, but also healthy living space. The wooden house will satisfy the people who pursue high quality life, health and longevity. Scientific research has found that: long term living in wooden house villa can extend the life span of 9-11 years! This is because the environment formed by wood materials can regulate the living conditions of animals. Let's introduce the advantages of long-term living in wooden house villa.
1. The wooden house will create a more livable temperature and humidity. Wood is a kind of porous material with low thermal conductivity, which is a poor conductor of heat. It can regulate the temperature of the room. It can bring warm feeling to people in cold winter. The moisture absorption and desorption of wood can directly alleviate the change of indoor humidity.
2、木結構房屋具有良好的抗震性。95年日本神戶大地震后得以幸存的房屋絕大部分為木結構房屋。純木建造的木屋,具有獨特的木質凹槽,結構穩定、韌性極 好,整體抗震性能更高。綜上所述,生態木屋,益壽延年,返璞歸真,回歸自然。住木屋延壽的說法是有科學依據的。
2. Wood structure houses have good seismic performance. Most of the houses that survived the Kobe earthquake in 1995 are wooden structures. The wooden house made of pure wood has unique wooden groove, stable structure, excellent toughness and higher overall seismic performance. To sum up, the ecological wooden house, longevity, return to nature. There is a scientific basis for the idea of prolonging life by living in wooden houses.
3. The wooden house releases a large amount of phenytoin and negative ions, which is beneficial to health. The content of phenytoin and negative ions (air vitamins) in wooden buildings is tens to hundreds of times higher than that in reinforced concrete buildings. Fenduojing and anion are the favorite substances of modern forest bathers, which can kill bacteria in the air, curb human diseases and enhance immunity. The wooden house has obvious effects on the recovery of consciousness, improvement of attention, reduction of blood pressure, stabilization of human autonomic nervous system, so as to make people feel comfortable.